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About microdosing

A microdose is defined by the fact that you don't "feel" the effect of the psilocybine. So you will not "trip", nor will you have any visuals. Microdosing is very safe and you can function normally while microdosing. You can do your daily tasks, work and drive while microdosing. 

At the same time, the microdose of the truffel supports you to be more present in the moment, to connect with deeper layers of yourself, open to inspiration and creativity, deepen relationships and to change old habits into what serves you more. 

I have over 15 years of experience working with psilocybin truffels and have been microdosing for several years myself. I guide in psychedellic retreats (high dose) and offer "microdosing, yin yoga & cacao" ceremonies.

Over the years I have started to increasingly appreciate the more subtle use of the medicine fungi to support my journey in life. I am honoured to share the way of this sacred medicine with others and support people in their own experiences with the truffels to see how they can receive benefit from them.

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