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No one lives independently from another. We share one Earth, we share the air, we share the water. We share our minds, our hearts, our being. I want to contribute to a way of living that recognises this fact of interbeing. A way of living that enriches life on Earth, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and true peace between and within people.

My name is Merel Maria Meessen. I offer courses and coaching based on Nonviolent Communication, yoga classes and body-based compassion meditations. I also co-facilitate in medicine ceremonies and offer microdosing sessions.


My intention is to support myself and others to live from deep self-connection, rediscover our true nature and serve the wellbeing of all of life.




My greatest teacher is my body. My body's wisdom shows me how to move naturally and in harmony with myself, and serve life. This brings fulfilment and alignment. In my yoga classes, I intend to support fellow-yogi's to come home to the body and align with who we really are.

Nonviolent Communication has given me immense value, both in connection with myself, as well as in relationship with others. Based on the principle of nonduality, NVC brings yoga "off the mat" into everyday life. For me, NVC is about radical inclusivity of all parts of ourself: seeking and finding the beauty at the source of all expressions, and reconnecting to the heart through compassion. 
Rumi said: 'Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I will meet you there.' Nonviolent Communication gives the roadmap to that field.


My education & training

Yoga & related trainings

- Yin Yoga Teacher Training (200h)

De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Johan Noorloos & Skadi v Paasschen

- Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine (50h)
De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Alison Melvin

- Restorative and Mindfulness (50h)

De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Alison Melvin


- Kriya Yoga initiation

Kriya Yoga center Sterksel

- Basic Alignment (6w)

Sadhu Valakhilyas & Léah Kline

- Het Levenswiel, shamanic apprenticeship (1y)

School van Ascensie, Jan-Pieter Schreur

- Presence Experience (1w)
Leonard Jacobson, Mount Madonna (CA)

- Mindfulness training (8w)

Mindful Flow, Eveline Zoomers

- Follow-up Mindfulness training (5w)

Mindful Flow, Eveline Zoomers

- Shin Do 1 (Rigpa Energetic Healing)
Jose Antonio Manchado

- Het Gouden Hart (1y)

A one-year yoga center/project that I initiated and ran.


Nonviolent Communication

- Year course Embodying and Teaching NVC

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Year course NVC Mediation

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Living Compassion (6w)

Connecting2Life, Nadine Helm

- NVC & community building (3d)

with Kelly Bryson

- Mediation course (12w)
Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Intermediate course (10w) - twice

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Beginner's course (10w)

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon



- Year Course Embodying & Teaching NVC 2019-2020

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Mediation Year Course 2020

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Beginner's Course (10w)

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Intermediate Course (12w)

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Advanced Course (10w)

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon


- NVC Global Festival workshops

Connecting2 Life, Yoram Mosenzon

- Living Compassion Course (8w)
Connecting2 Life, Nadine Helm

- Basic Course (3d)
Connecting2 Life, Nadine Helm

- Basic Course (8w) 

Connecting2 Life, Daisy Delgado


Academic & transition related

- MA International relations 

Specialization: Transitions to Sustainability Theory & the

ecovillage movement

University of Amsterdam

- BA Journalism
Specialization: news & writing

Hogeschool Utrecht


- Ecosystem Restoration Design (6mo)

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

- Transition 2 Resilience (1w)
Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

- Dragon Dreaming: integral

project-management (1w)
John Croft, at Sieben Linden

- Take the Future in Your

Hands (1w)
Pandora Association, Hungary

- Communicating Corporate

Social Responsibility

MOOC by University of Louvain


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