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 'We do yoga for one of two reasons. 
 One, we are an expression of the divine and we come to celebrate. 
 Two, we have forgotten this and come to remember.' - Unknown 



I offer three styles of classes: yin yoga, restorative yoga and conscious connected breathing. 

I see my role as a yoga instructor and breath coach as offering a safe and sacred space where people can go inward and do their inner cultivation and self-discovery. My classes are based on compassion practice, self-inquiry, TCM and polyvagal theory.


I currently offer one regular class at De Nieuwe Yogaschool (DNYS) in Amsterdam on Tuesday evenings from 21:00 to 22:15. These classes are livestreamed and online available anywhere. I also regularly sub classes at DNYS on other days. All these classes can be found via the school's schedule.

For in-company and private classes, please contact me here.

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