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 'We do yoga for one of two reasons. 
 One, we are an expression of the divine and we come to celebrate. 
 Two, we have forgotten this and come to remember.' - Unknown 



Yoga styles:



Yin Yang

Additional elements:

Body-based compassion

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Studio classes

Studio classes

I teach at:

    De Nieuwe Yogaschool
    The Conscious Club
    Yogaschool Noord


in Amsterdam

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Private / in-company

Interested in a private class or to bring yoga into your company?

About my sharings


In my classes I aim to provide a space for relaxing body and mind, finding balance and ease, inner wisdom and self-guidance. Yoga brings me in touch with the life within me, eternal beauty and truth. This I wish to share.

By simply bringing our attention quietly and compassionately with whatever we are feeling at any given moment, we can re-balance and re-align our body and mind. As resistance to what is, is welcomed and melts away, we naturally open to life, truth and beauty.


I like the saying: "Nobody teaches yoga. Yoga teaches everyone." I don't consider myself a 'yoga teacher' but a practitioner. I enjoy sharing my own practice and inspiration with the intention to support fellow-practicioners in their own life journey and self-discovery.

Online Meditation

Listen to my recorded guided meditation on Insight Timer

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