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 "You can always go deeper, 
there is no bottom to the heart. 

 - Krishna Das

Image by Christoffer Relander

One of my great interests is the art of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which offers a needs-based way of relating with oneself and others with both elegant simplicity and endless depth. Just like Yoga, NVC offers ever-deepening teaching as one progresses on the path of understanding.

I offer what I have learned about NVC and compassionate living in the past 7 years in workshops and courses based on NVC. I look forward to welcoming you in the learning journey!

Image by Timo Vijn

based on Nonviolent Communication

​You will develop:

  • A deeper understanding of the dynamics of communication

  • Skills to connect in conflict

  • More connection with your own needs and those of others

  • Tools to transform difficult emotions or judgements

  • Skills to find a way forward that is win-win 

Communication that reconnects

About NVC

What I offer is based on principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which I have been studying since 2016. More than a communication method, NVC offers a way of compassionate living and being. 

About NVC

NVC was first put together by Marshall Rosenberg some decades ago and is nicknamed 'the language of the heart'. NVC sees a beautiful diamond at the heart of everything we think, say or do, even if in first instance we may not see it. These diamonds are called needs in NVC-language and they can be seen as the source of our feelings, thoughts and actions. The art of communication that connects is to become aware of our needs and meet them in a way that is inclusive, fulfilling and effective. The NVC framework shows us how to do that in a way that honours our self and the other(s) fully.

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