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Vrouw die in het veld

Vision Walk

 The miracle is not to walk on water. 
The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply   in the present moment and feeling truly alive. 

- Thich Nhat Hanh 

Vision Walk

psilocybin in nature

Nature can be a source of inspiration and insight. During this Vision Walk we will enjoy a slow, silent walk outside in nature with a dose of psilocybin truffles. The truffles help us open for the beauty and wisdom of nature. During the Vision Walk, nature is your 'oracle' and can help you receive deeper insight into themes that are relevant to you inner world or daily life. The truffles help us to experience deeper connection with ourself and the world around us, gain understanding and open our path.

Psilocybine truffles

The many benefits of psilocybine are increasingly well-known. Having been used for thousands of years by people across the entire Northern hemisphere for personal development and spiritual unfolding, they are making a comeback into mainstream modern society. Psilocybine truffles help us renew our understanding of ourself and the world around, heal old hurts, develop healthy habits and bring us more consciously in touch with our true nature.

Retreat program

This one-day-retreat takes place at de Verwondering, a beautiful piece of private land with a big yurt and outside lounge area and fireplace. Adjacent to the private land is a small and quiet piece of young forest which is also available for our Vision Walk. The day includes a ceremonial cacao circle, a transformative breath session, the Vision walk, some yoga or movement and a vegan and organic dinner.

Arrival & welcome

Cacao circle
Transformative Breath Session

Vision Walk
Yoga / movement


In preparation of the Vision Walk there will be an online group session with information about the effects psilocybine, how to prepare and space for questions. When you sign up for the Vision Walk, you will receive an email with the date of this preparation session and an intake form.

join the Vision Walk


  • Time: 10:15 - 20:00

  • Max 12 participants

  • Language: English/Dutch, depending on the participants 

  • Contribution: 175 - 225 euro* 
    * Contribution depending on income and free will. Payment in parts is possible.

About the facilitators

Merel and Leonie guide this One-Day-Retreat. They each have more that ten years experience with the work with truffles and other plant medicine. They guide full-dose truffle retreats on a regular basis, including for Spinoza. Leonie is co-founder of Pure Kakaw, works with ceremonial cacao, guides family constellations and supports breathwork. Merel is a yoga teacher, breath coach, psychedelic guide and offers training and mediation based on Nonviolent Communication. Both Leonie and Merel bring their expertise, experience, compassionate presence and live music to the Vision Walk.

Image by Alberto Bigoni

 Arrive with every step 


 -Thich Nhat Hanh 

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