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There are three things worth cultivating:
inner peace, compassion and our relation
with the earth


My name is Merel Maria.

I offer ceremonies, retreats, workshops and classes

based on Yoga, Breath, Shamanism

and Nonviolent Communication.

The common factor in these practices is that they help us to transform, remember and re-align. They help us to embody who we really are and live in harmony, peace and happiness with ourself, each other and the earth.


The practices that I share are serving me a lot and I gladly share them with you.



Once every three months I share upcoming ceremonies, workshops and courses via a newsletter. If you would like to receive this, please leave your email address.

Another way to keep up to date with me is by following my instagram account.

Thank you! 

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Mediterende vrouw

Stress reduction, Yin yoga
& Breath

 retreat: 12 - 16 June  

In this retreat there is ample space for self-care, releasing tension and catching your breath. With Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness and gentle movement, we bring body and mind in balance.

In addition to the yoga classes, you can enjoy the sauna facilities of the 
beautiful location and a slow Silent Walk in the large garden, in which we enjoy nature with mindfulness.

Location: De Schouw, Zeeland
Language: Dutch


Vision Walk


Nature can be a source of inspiration and insight. During this One-Day-Retreat we will enjoy a slow, silent walk through a quiet young forest with a mild dose of psilocybine truffles. The truffles, that have been used for thousands of years for personal and spiritual development,  help us open for the beauty and wisdom of nature. The Vision Walk can help you receive deeper insight into themes that are relevant to you inner world or daily life. The truffles help us to experience deeper connection with our self and the world around us, and to live more from who we really are.

July 25 | 10:00 to 19:00 | De Verwondering


Transformative breathwork, Yoga & Vision Walk 

 retreat: 6 - 9 July 

In this retreat you are invited to meet deeper layers within yourself and from a place of softness to transform that which keeps you from living your true self. With the power of Circular Breath we connect deeper with ourself and practice inner mastery. Yin Yoga helps us to be calmly present with our inner landscape, release tensions and bring balance to body and mind. 

Additionally, there is the opportunity to join a Vision Walk: a quiet, slow walk in the garden where we practice mindfulness. Optionally, you can take a mini-dose of psilocybine truffles to open your awareness for the beauty of nature during the walk.

Location: De Schouw, Zeeland
Language: Dutch 

In een lavendelveld

Yoga, Breath
& Vision Walk

  holiday-retreat: 20 - 27 August  

During this week you will have time to enjoy both the retreat programme, as well as the summer landscape of South-France. This is a retreat to follow your own "flow".

The programme offers you Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness and gentle Flow Yoga. Additionally, you can join a Vision Walk: a slow and silent walk where we let nature inspire us and bring insight into themes that are relevant to us.


Location: La Vie Tara, Ardèche, France
 Language: Dutch

Image by Timo Vijn



I offer workshops based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an amazing framework that helps us reconnect with the life energy in ourself and others through compassion. You will find new ways of relating with yourself and others, understand relationship dynamics better and open to new possibilities for communication that lead to more understanding and connection. 



 truffle & psilohuasca journeys

I facilitate transformative ceremonies where you can experience a deeper connection with yourself, heal old hurts and receive inspiration and insight. These include:

Microdosing, Yoga & Cacao (one evening or morning)
Truffle Ceremonies (one day & night)
Psilohuasca Wellness Retreats (three days)

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