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Actually, it's a mini-dose

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Starting Dec '23, I changed the dose for our Microdosing, Yin Yoga & Cacao Ceremony from a microdose to a mini-dose. So what's the difference?

What is a microdose? Perspectives differ on how to define a psilocybin microdose, but generally it is seen as a dose that is just below your threshold of sensory experience. Which means that you don't have any subtle trippy feelings, no changes of visual in sensory perceptions and it should not interfere with your daily activities. What you would experience may be more subtle things, like: more patience, a peaceful focus, more sensitivity in communication, insight into inner patterns or underlying moods/feelings and their origin.

Every person's microdose differs a little, depending on many factors and ranging on average between ,5 and 1,5 grams of fresh truffle (note: the weight is different for mushrooms and also for dried material). You can take a microdose every 2 or 3 days, for several weeks to support health, wellbeing and changes you would like to make in your inner or outer life.

From Microdosing Ceremonies... Because cacao enhances the effect of psilocybin, I have been cautious in my dosing during our Microdosing, Yin Yoga & Cacao Ceremonies in De Nieuwe Yogaschool, staying on the high side of a microdose as a max. This way, some people felt some effect and for others the effect stayed more under the surface, meaning they did not consciously feel much difference to how they normally feel. This is normal for an average microdose as people's threshold varies. However, even when you "don't feel anything" of a microdose of truffles, its effects can still be profound, as the psilocybin affects subconscious patterns and the effect is sometimes noticed later on or in more subtle things, like a subtle shift in the way you think about or view situations or life events. Also the increased neuroplasticity coupled with deeper self-connection, helps to follow up on healthy habits and healthy boundaries. Mini-dosing Ceremonies After offering these monthly ceremonies for more than a year and guiding many deep-dive psychedelic experiences with Spinoza and The Sanctuary, I started to introduce a little more depth into the Ceremonies by changing them to Mini-dosing Ceremonies. I now offer a truffle tea equal to about 3 grams (three times an average microdose) plus a cup of ceremonial cacao. The effects are still subtle (a recreational "trip" starts at about 15 gram and deep-dive ceremonial dosages average around 28 grams) but now we've moved out of the range of microdosing (below the surface) and started working with mini-dosing (mildly noticeable). And I can feel the energy in our evenings deepen as a result.

The mini-dose during a long guided Yin Yoga session and carried by the embracing energy of cacao allows for a deeper dive into our inner landscape and opens the door for some subtle but profound transformative work. And the responses from participants have been very enthusiastic! Which shows me how ready and willing people are to go within, reconnect and open their paths. First time exploring truffles?

A Mini-dosing Ceremony is a great way to "dip your little toe" into the world of psilocybin truffles and explore if it can benefit you. The safe and sacred setting that we create allows for exploration and the mini-dose, slightly higher than a microdose, allows you to taste the benefits of the truffles for your body and mind.

Good to know

The truffles are offered to you during the Mini-dosing Ceremony in such a way that you can decide for yourself how much of it you want to take. You don't have to take the whole dose. If it's your first time, you can also start with half the offered dose and decide later in the ceremony if you take the rest as well. The same goes for the cacao. This way you have your own agency in trying the truffles according to your own intuition and comfort.

Upcoming ceremonies

For upcoming dates for the Mini-dosing, Yin Yoga & Cacao Ceremonies, check out the Ceremony page

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