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 'Nonviolent Communication is to connect with the life energy 

 in ourself and others.

 - Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication 

Workshops based on
Nonviolent Communication

Foundations  of  NVC

I offer a series of workshops based on Nonviolent Communication in which we will go into the foundational principles of Nonviolent Communication and how they can support in your personal development as well as in your relationships with other people. We will work with real examples from participants and you will have a chance to practice with the things that matter to you.

Contribution: Each session can be attended seperately (€ 45 euro) or you can join all three as a series (€ 108). 

Location: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam

Language: The language of the sessions depends on the participants. If there are non-Dutch speaking participants, the explanations and examples will be given in English. Workshop materials are available in Dutch and English and the exercises can be done in the language that you and your exercise-partner speak.

Date: The workshops will be held again after summer. Dates to be announced.

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Opening new possibilities

Main question: In which situation in your life would you like to experience more connection and understanding?

Session learnings:​​​​

  • Basic principles of NVC

  • Understanding the relationship of needs, feelings and thoughts

  • Connection through compassion

Reclaim your power

Main question: In which situation or moment(s) are you worried about the opinions or judgements of others?

Session learnings:​​​​

  • Basic principles of NVC

  • Learning to use our thoughts and feelings to embody ourself deeper

  • Transforming (self) judgements into a beautiful message

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Image by Thom Milkovic

theArt of Choice-making

Main question: Which choice or dilemma is relevant for you at this time? Or: which choice do you regret?

Session learnings:​​​​

  • Basic principles of NVC

  • Moving from being the inner judge to being the inner mediator

  • Making choices that include all parts in ourself

about my journey with NVC

Since I met Nonviolent Communication seven years ago, it gave me unmeasurable value in insight in myself, my relationships and the dynamics of communication. 

NVC helps me to live from a deeper connection with myself and my needs, to relate with my inner life more self-care and to relate to others with more compassion and understanding. Eventually for me it's about doing our best to live from sincerity and an open heart, also (or particularly) when that is difficult. 

I see this as  a life-long learning, where NVC continues to give new insights and tools.  I find this work, for which Marshall Rosenberg laid the foundations and which is being developed around the world since, incredibly valuable and gladly share it with the world. 



"The course gave me a lot. I reacher a deeper layer that I would not have reached by myself. It also gave me a lot of insights and much food for practice. It was supportive to do this together with a group of women, in connection. Merel guides this with so much wisdom and love."

"If you want to know which deeper needs your authentic, real self wants to live, then this course is for you. Under the guidance of Merel and through exercises with the group, you are invited to look into many aspects of yourself."

"Done with so much care for the participants. With respect asking deepening questions, clarifying."


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